The Future of 3D Channel Letter Printing -® PrintUP™ P3-FDM/K8

Transform your signage with our cutting-edge Dual Colour FDM Technology. Our printers feature a large print area of 800x800x85mm, ideal for substantial projects. Enjoy vibrant, multi-color output with the state-of-the-art dual colour ink system. Achieve professional-grade results with high precision and quality. Perfect for small businesses, sign makers, and hobbyists looking for versatile and reliable 3D printing solutions. More about®‘sPrint UP™ P3-FDM/K8

3D Printed Channel Letter Filaments Dual Colour head

Large Printing Volume

Offers an 800x800x85mm print area for substantial projects.

Advanced Dual Extruder

Equipped with a two-in and one-out 0.8mm nozzle for efficient printing.

Sturdy Construction

Enhanced Structure For Printing Precision At High Speed.

Dual Colour System

State-of-the-art dual color capability for vibrant, multi-color prints

Outdoor Signage Ready

Ideal for creating durable, eye-catching channel letters and logos

Enhanced Filament Ready® PrintUP™ 3D Channel Letter Filament ready  large format 3d  printing® PrintUP P3-FDM/K8. A New Dimension in Channel Letter Manufacturing

Channel letter signage, known for its illuminated 3D letters, is a staple in effective business advertising. The advent of 3D printing, particularly with our PrintUP P3-FDM/K8 Channel Letter 3D Printer, is revolutionising this industry.

Our printer offers unparalleled precision and dual colour capabilities, allowing for vibrant and durable signs. Coupled with our enhanced channel letter filaments, businesses can now create high-quality, customised signage with ease and efficiency. This innovation not only revitalises the production process but also enhances the visual impact of channel letter signs.

As the market’s most affordable provider,®, we ensure quality and value with every order, complete with the convenience of nationwide free shipping.

Explore our range today and bring your creative visions to life

Production Ready Features of® PrintUP Channel Letter Printers Desktop C02 Laser cutter & Engraver

Efficient Dual-in, Single-out Extruder Desktop C02 Laser cutter & Engraver

State-of-the-art Dual Colour 3D Printing Desktop C02 Laser cutter & Engraver

Solidly Built For High Speed 3D Printing Desktop C02 Laser cutter & Engraver

Superior Large Format 3D Print Bed

PrintUP™ G-Code Generator. Perfect Complement to® 3D Printers Desktop C02 Laser cutter & Engraver

Expert Channel Letter 3D Printer Software Training at No Cost

Unlock the full potential of your 3D Printer with our free training at Learn to navigate and optimise our 3D printing software through comprehensive tutorials and expert guidance. Perfect for beginners and advanced users alike, enhance your printing experience today!

Check out our Letter Channel Mini-Series® Desktop Laser Cutter Video
PrintUP 800x800mm Channel Letter 3D Printer with Dual Colour FDM Filament Extrusion
Computer Stand Brackets Cool Idea by 3D Printer and CNC Laser Cutting Machine
Dual Colour 3D Printing by PrintUP K8 Channel Letter Printer Concept, Design and Settings
3D Channel Letter Printer Review, Dual Colour 3D Printing for Easy LED Channel Letter Making
LED Backlit Channel Letter Sign by PrintUP 3D Printer and TruCUT Laser Cutting Machine How-to Video
UVDTF direct-to-film for ever surface

Unleash UVDTF's Vibrant Colours On Surfaces you only dreamt off

Step into a world where colour and quality converge with®’s F-UVDTF/300 UV-DTF Printer and the H-UVDTF/INK series. Imagine a printer that transforms ordinary substrates into vibrant works of art – this is the reality with the F-UVDTF/300. Equipped with top-tier EPSON® XP600 printheads, this printer is your key to unlocking new creative potentials. Whether it’s t-shirts, coffee mugs, or phone cases, expect nothing less than vivid, high-resolution prints. 

The printer’s advanced UV-DTF technology ensures each print is fade-resistant, scratch-proof, and enduring. Complementing this, our H-UVDTF/INK series offers an explosion of colour with its CMYK+W FlowFlex UV-DTF inks. Each 1L bottle is a testament to quality and longevity, designed to produce prints that captivate and endure.

For professionals and hobbyists alike, this combination is not just about printing; it’s about creating lasting impressions and exceptional quality, one print at a time.

From Gauteng to Cape Town: Premium 3D Channel Letter Manufacturing Solutions

Located in the heart of Gauteng, our 6000m² Sunnyrock, Ekurhuleni Headquarters, is a beacon of innovation for both budding and established entrepreneurs in design and manufacturing. At® PrintUP™, we are pioneers in providing top-tier Channel Letter 3D Printers and enhanced filaments.

Our Sunnyrock headquarters buzzes with activity, housing Sales, Support, Training, and our advanced demo centre, all complemented by a welcoming coffee shop for a comprehensive experience.

We also have a newly renovated Showroom in Montague Gardens, Cape Town, ensuring our premium services and products reach across South Africa.

Our dynamic online platform,, features a diverse range of Channel Letter 3D Printers, filaments, and CNC machinery. Additionally, offers a dedicated marketplace for spare parts, upgrades, and accessories tailored for industries involved in CNC Manufacturing, Signage Printing, and Apparel.

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Thank you for the prompt a swift service Katlego, you resolved me problem via TeamViewer so quickly. Gret job!!!!
Advanced Machinery has been helpful with giving us a detailed comparison with the different options available on the website. We recommend them to any other signage businesses.

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